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Ecopet plastics

Ecopet plastics

Get A Quote. PET is a plastic resin and the most commonly used plastic material. Thousands of consumer products, beverages and food items are delivered and packaged within this material. Manufacturers like it because it is strong, safe, transparent, and versatile.

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PET is polyester, which has a chemical name of polyethylene terephthalate. PET can be made with the polymers aligned in two primary ways; amorphous or crystalline. These are small variations, intended to ease processing of polyester for the intended end product, whether by injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, or extruding as well as finishing operations like die cutting. At the same time, it is also softer and scratches much easier than APET. This masking needs to be removed from one side during printing, but the masking is usually left on the other side during die cutting to prevent scratching.

It is very time consuming and hence more expensive to remove the poly masking, especially if printing a lot of sheets. Many point of sale displays are made from PETG, since they are often heavy gauge and tough to die cut. Another reason is that the poly masking can be left on to protect the display during handling and shipping and then removed when the display is being set up. This is a main reason why many designers automatically specify PETG for point of sale displays without understanding whether APET or PETG is the most suitable material for the intended end use or the processing printing, die cutting, gluing, etc.

APET is generally available up to 0. Get A Quote LinkedIn. Polyethylene Terethphalate PET. Share this Page Share Tweet Share.PET is a recyclable and reusable plastic which can be super-cleaned to create a multi-use, and multi-reuse plastic from both post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste. Clear and blue tint plastic bottles, plastic tubs and trays are recycled and, following super-cleaning and re-processing are reused to create rPET packaging and other products.

Clear rPET is also collected from other waste services such as local auhthority recycling centres.

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This means no fossil fuels are used to produce it. This product can be recycled straight back into standard PET. APET is highly shiny and transparent clear plastic packaging. Its optimum use is for displaying food and non-food products on-shelf visual merchandising in retail. APET is used for automotivemanufacturing solutions, DIY and household packaging, lightweight and protecting products through transport and distribution, protecting highly sensitive electronics and conductor products, beauty and cosmetics, and in luxury gift packaging non-food.

NEW for A new rPET solution can use recycled black plastic PET packaging, and remanufacture it, and other coloured plastics into new food grade recycled packaging. Throughout all trials within the UK, the packaging has been recovered and is widely recycled.

It can reuse and replace black plastic packaging, it reuses coloured jazz plastic to reduce packaging waste, and provides a new solution for multiple industry sectors.

This new solution is super-cleaned, hygienic, reusable, recyclable, returnable and can be reprocessed and re-manufactured for new packaging for multiple sectors. This avoids waste, landfill and EfW.

ecopet plastics

Multiple colour solutions are available. All have successfully passed feasibility trials, recycling and recovery trials for re-manufacture into new packaging. This new solution minimises and reduces packaging waste, and designed to achieve the New Plastics Circular Economy. For more information Contact Us. Coloured PET is widely recycled. Coloured PET is used for a variety of packaging products. Examples of coloured packaging include gold, silver and bronze packaging, which is recyclable because it does not contain metal.

Coloured plastics are manufactured specifically for the food industry, with a gloss and shiny finish. All are food hygiene approved for food contact.

Minimum order quantities are required. Charpak operates a closed-loop system to ensure black rPET waste goes back into our packaging products. Black rPET remains a challenge for the industry due to the challenge with recyclability and recovery of the material. New solutions to Black rPET are in development. For more information please visit the FAQs section.

Products manufactured from black rPET include bases for cheese selection packaging, chocolate packaging and premium dessert packaging. The addition of Glycol removes the hazing effect seen during the heating of PET and prevents the undesirable crystallisation effect which causes standard PET to become brittle. Products manufactured from PETG are clearer and more shock resistant; in addition to being easier to weld in the manufacturing sealing process.Add logo.

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ecopet plastics

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Add to Cart. Sales outside of the continental united states To locate a distributor of Evergreen products outside of the continental United States, please visit www.PET plastic bottles are a popular choice for packaging soft drinks due to the numerous benefits they provide both to manufacturers and consumers.

Looking for a blow moulder? However, despite the benefits of using PET plastic, many misconceptions exist about plastic bottles. This factsheet is intended to correct some of these. Recycling : All PET plastic bottles can be recycled. Major soft drinks manufacturers have also signed up to the Courtauld Commitmenta voluntary agreement with WRAP which spans over three phases.

The third phase, launched in Mayis more focused on finding opportunities to reduce the carbon impact of packaging, whereas the first two phases focussed on focused on the reduction of packaging and packaging weight. Through innovation, the industry is constantly improving its environmental record further. We all need to ensure that recycling rates continue to grow and the soft drinks industry urges people to recycle their plastic bottles and not discard them as litter.

The growth in litter needs to be tackled and the industry fully supports public campaigns against littering and sponsors a number of on-the-go recycling initiatives to help people dispose of their empty bottles responsibly.

Eco PET Label

See here to learn more about plastic packaging recycling. Use of water: The industry, in line with its environmental responsibilities, is constantly looking at ways to reduce further the amount of water it uses in its manufacturing processes.

Antimony: Antimony is used in minute amounts in the manufacture of PET plastic. It is approved around the world for this purpose.

ecopet plastics

There is an EU maximum permitted level for antimony in bottled water. All reported levels of antimony found in bottled water are considerably below the safe level permitted.

Phthalates: Phthalates are substances used in the manufacture of PVC plastics to make them flexible — they are not used in the manufacture of PET plastic bottles. All packaging used by the soft drinks industry is strictly regulated and must comply with European law, and EU legislation sets maximum limits for migration from food contact plastics into food.

The European Food Safety Authority established safe levels for phthalates following a thorough review of safety data in The levels UK consumers are exposed to do not exceed the safety levels set.


Plastic bottles in cars : There are no carcinogens in PET plastic - it is a myth that a plastic bottle left in a car will leach carcinogens into the soft drink it contains. Storage: Soft drinks bottles should be stored in the same way as many food items - they should be kept in a cool, dark place and should not be stored close to household chemical, cleaning product containers or sources of strong odours.

If the bottle has been sold as a single use botle, it has been designed for single use only. A downloadable summary of the main findings of this survey can be found on the BPF website. British Plastics Federation. Polymer Prices. Member Offers. International Market Data.A great place to develop one's foundation in independent learning, problem solving, analytical skills, and management skills. Limited learning opportunities after a period of time.

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ecopet plastics

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