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Soti script examples

Soti script examples

Deployment servers push a single copy of files and packages to an XTreme Hub which then relays them to its associated devices. Note that Xtreme Hub functionality is only available to customers who subscribe to Premium or Enterprise Support.

Administrators can now implement personalized policies that determine what characterizes a compliant device in their environment. Compliance policies consist of a set of highly customizable criteria that use filtering logic similar to the device search. You can create multiple compliance policies, each with different criteria or different device group targets.

Using Compliance policies administrators can configure automated actions such as allowing or blocking email access on devices using Office Exchange. Compliance polices are available for Android, iOS and Linux devices. Please note : We strongly recommend following the standard IT change control practices and testing of product upgrades in pre-production environments.

Administrators can now upload Android app installer files. The package will have default settings. Package Studio can continue to be used for custom package settings. Administrators can now use JavaScript and all its standard features to write scripts with conditional statements, loops, functions and variables. This new engine also includes support to perform asynchronous execution via callbacks and execute various actions using JavaScript custom APIs.

Administrators can now choose to deploy Android Plus device plugins to devices during device enrollment. This feature removes the need to manually install plugins later and ensures Android Plus devices are enrolled with the latest device plugins. During enrollment, SOTI MobiControl selects the relevant plugin for the device or, if no plugin is available for the device, gracefully skips the step. You can now view the current location of all online devices in a device group at once.

Offline devices are color coded to quickly indicate how long devices have been offline. Building on previous work, profile management, from creation through to assignment, has made the move to our next generation user interface.

Additionally, you can now perform some profile management actions directly from the Profiles list without opening a Profile Information panel, streamlining your workflow. Individual profile configurations for Android Plus, iOS and macOS have also been migrated with new capabilities and clearer feature descriptions.

All advanced configurations have been converted, improving the configuration process and making it easy to switch between advanced configuration for different device types. Previously, selecting all devices was limited to the number of devices displayed on a page, whether that was 50 or There is now an option to either select all devices on the current page or all devices across all pages.

Exercise caution when granting user permissions. In large, global operations, it can be tricky to create user access systems that provide adequate permissions to certain administrators without simultaneously granting them broad permissions in areas irrelevant to their responsibilities. Administrators can now select which device permissions are requested by the device agent during enrollment.

Supported permissions are:. Note: The above permissions are granted silently on devices where the option to deploy device plugins is also selected and a plugin is available for that device.

In this case, permissions will be granted after the plugin has finished installing on the device. New auto-update feature allows administrators to update App Store and custom apps as soon as new versions are released. With both settings enabled, SOTI MobiControl will automatically update managed apps on devices as soon as a newer version is released.

Improvements to select profile configurations provide administrators with greater management capabilities. You must download the. The Shared Device feature allows different users to log into the same Android or iOS device and gain access to the applications, settings and content assigned to them based on their role in the organization.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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soti script examples

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I need to send a messange to my tablet by Soti mobicontrol Script and receive this in my apk to do somethings.

Learn more. Asked 16 days ago. Active 16 days ago. Viewed 15 times. If you can help me with a example I will be grateful.

SOTI MobiControl

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Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits. Related SOTI MobiControl MobiControl enables organisations to manage, support, secure and track corporate-liable and employee-liable mobile devices from end to end. Your company can have full control from device enrollment to device retirement regardless of device type, mobile platform and location.

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Zebra Support Community. Search Support Community Preferred Language. To deploy the configuration file. How to deploy DataWedge for Android configuration files.

DataWedge for Android. Overview DataWedge for Android Now, you can integrate data captured with your Zebra Android mobile computers into your enterprise applications quickly, easily and without writing any code using DataWedge for Android, available out-of-the-box on all Zebra Android mobile computers.

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Didn't find exactly what you're looking for? Ask A Question. Submit a Case. Login to Chat with Technical Support. This site uses cookies to provide an improved digital experience. You can learn more about the cookies we use as well as how you can change your cookie settings by clicking here. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.I would like to know, is there an easy way to remotely set the 'device settings', using a script or configuration file?

Here are some examples of settings we would like to set, any help or suggestions in this regard would be helpful and appreciated Android out of the box is incredibly configurable, but only manually through the Settings app and through some other local UIs.

This is manageable for a single end user, but impractical for deploying large amounts of devices from an IT perspective. More information on Android Enterprise is available here:. You might be able to manually configure a single device, export the scanner configuration to some sort of external file, extract that file, and then deploy it via MobiControl to the remainder of the devices.

This also assumes that there is also some sort of Auto-Import mechanism built into the scanner wedge on the device level for processing that file.

There is a set of MobiControl scripts that help you with what you are looking to accomplish. With these commands, we could combine policies and rules to disable or enable settings based on specific criteria.

Using Script Commands

NOTE: This is not guaranteed to work on all devices. MC Added support for writesecuresetting -sys script to change system settings on Android enterprise devices running Android 9.

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I have not used Allen's approach but I take it that would work as well. Alternatively, to Any doing anything with device side scripts? It appears you can't set any variables Hi Kavinda, There's been some update since I last posted in this thread. Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign up now! Home Categories set the 'device settings' using a script or confi C Taub.

Show More. Matt Dermody. Matt Dermody posted this 16 January Karim A. C Taub posted this 22 January The only other alternative is to use the "sendintent" script. Tamas Biro. Tamas Biro posted this 20 April Nielsen posted this 05 April No Yes. Zebra Enterprise Keyboard settings. Settings Manager for Android Enterprise. Full Name. Country Select Country. Your Message.Use the options and examples below to help you create your own powerful script commands.

See Using Package Studio for more information. Retrieves the current agent mode user or administrator of a device with lockdown mode applied and displays it in the Logs section of the Device Information panel.

Prevents the device user from uninstalling an application that was installed using packages. Where bundleID is the bundle id of the application whose uninstallation you want to prevent. To prevent the device user from uninstalling the Google Photos app :. To add an application to the Battery Optimization whitelist app will ignore battery optimization restrictions :.

soti script examples

To remove an application from the Battery Optimization whitelist app will follow battery optimization restrictions :. Imports a user-specified certificate of X.

How to share Android devices using SOTI MobiControl

Where -f forces the device agent to connect regardless of configuration or setup settings. To connect to the deployment server regardless of configuration or setup settings :. To copy all files with the extension.

To delete example. To delete all files with the extension. Available on Samsung devices running Android 6. Allows a system application on the device to be used in the Android Enterprise container. Finishes the current script without processing the rest of the package and reports package installation as successful to the deployment server.

This is useful particularly in packages that involve wiping a device. This script command can be used to skip reinstalling the package but still report back as successfully installed to the deployment server.

If a hard reset is initiated from a package's post-install script, the entire package will reinstall after the reset. A check can be included in the pre-install script that determines whether the package's files have already been installed.

Where if no interfaceName is provided, then all is used as the default and lists all interfaces. Use -i with all to display the interface names only.SOTI in this regard looks weird, since the number of settings is not particularly rich, which makes it seem limited. Push a script with watchsettings on to enable settings tracking on the test device. You will see a message like.

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Blog at WordPress. You may do it anyway you like: Send Script command, install package, etc. There can also be Global and Secure. Sometimes, the values will look really complicated.

SOTI Mobicontrol Device Agent manager does not properly build the DeviceName.

All you need to do is to copy the value verbatim into the next command. Here is couple more examples. Can you figure out what they do? Push the script to the device in whatever way you like.

soti script examples

Summary You now should be able to change virtually any Android OS setting! There are some precautions though: Sometimes you may need a restart or cycling a component, such as BT radio. Some settings will not work, as OS protects them: not for use by 3 rd party apps.

Hope this will come useful. What do you think? Like this: Like LoadingProduct Details SOTI MobiControl simplifies the security and management of multi-vendor, multi-form-factor and multi-operating devices in a multi-purpose mobility ecosystem all through a single, easy to use interface. SOTI MobiControl is the proven leader at managing special-purpose devices used in key industries such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail, and field services.

SOTI MobiControl takes mobility to endless possibilities and frees the workforce to transform the company's operations. Founded in Located in Canada. Starting Price. Mobile Device Management. Popular Comparisons. Jamf Pro. Miradore Online.

ConnectWise Automate.

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Hexnode MDM. WipeDrive Mobile. Jamf Now. FileWave Endpoint Management. Ease of Use. Customer Service. Write a Review. Steven R. Show More Ratings. Reviewer Source. Would definitely recommend product to others looking to manage devices. Create apps, manage work controlled devices and remote access features all in the same software.

In order to learn the system you will have to call Soti support for issues. Some devices require plugins that do not always work. Serge S. Although not as simple to deploy as some other products mostly is using Telnetit does have outstanding Remote Control, and it is an extremely stable product. We have many very large deployment and it's been very easy to support. I recommend their training if you're planning to do the install; packaging the apps can be a little complex. But overall, great solution!

Note that our experience so far as been mostly with the Windows Mobile operating system. Very complete and capable. Remote control very fast. Pawel C. The tool is very helpful especially in large companies. Jeff H. Soti's response was nothing we can do sorry! Very lame, would not recommend doing business with this company. Shawn W. It enables me to globally support our ERP system guns.

I liked used the fat app vs the web only one.